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  • Ms. Hyde
  • Ms. Dunne
  • Ms. Furlong
  • Ms. Downes
  • Ms. Terry
  • Ms. Ladden
  • Ms. O' Shea
  • Mrs. Curran
  • Ann
  • Michelle
  • Yvonne
  • Lorraine
  • Mairead

Position – Principal & Special Education Teacher 

Favourite thing about working in the school– The amazing sense of community in Whitegate N.S. From staff, to pupils, parents, to board members and members of the local community. Everyone is always working together. It’s wonderful to be a part of that.  

Favourite subject – Maths and History 

Favourite Hobby – Reading and Podcasts

Alternative Job – A psychologist, I always like the idea of talking to people and helping them where possible. 

Fun Fact – I love hiking. Nothing makes me feel better than being out in the fresh air for the day. 

Position – Deputy Principal & 5th & 6th Class Teacher

Favourite thing about working in the school– Getting to work with with such wonderful pupils, seeing them grow into incredible young people. 

Favourite subject – Gaeilge & Drama 

Favourite Hobby – Horse Riding

Alternative Job – Professional Horse Rider or Actor, both very different but both huge passions of mine.  

Fun Fact – My best friend has 4 legs, is chestnut and has a white blaze, goes by the name Donald !!

Position in school – SET teacher

Teaching in Whitegate – 5 years

Favourite thing about working in the school – the wonderful staff and pupils and the amazing location!

Favourite subject – Maths and Art

Favourite hobby – Running 

Alternative job – Beauty Therapist

Fun fact – I once lived and worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean!

Position – 3rd & 4th Class Teacher

Favourite thing about working in Whitegate NS–  The lovely children and staff. There is always a lovely buzz around the school. 

 Favourite Subject– PE and Maths

Favourite Hobby– CrossFit and weightlifting

Alternative job– I’ve had many jobs over the years including working in banking, sales, recruitment and health and fitness.  I think I have found my dream job!

Fun Fact – I worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for 7 years.

Name: Sarah Downes

Position – Junior & Senior Infant Teacher

Position: Teacher ( On Career Break)  Teaching in Whitegate since 2018

Favourite thing about working in Whitegate: it is a really special community. The children are very special and it is always fun coming to work every day. There is a real ethos of respect in the school environment with a very supportive Parent’s Community.

Favourite Subject: Maths and Art.

Favourite Hobby: Cycling Alternative Job: To return working for The Jack and Jill Foundation or to own my own Coffee Shop!

Fun Fact: I completed the Race Around Ireland and also have an All Ireland Medal for Duathlon.

Position– 1st/2nd Class Teacher

Teaching in Whitegate– 2 years

Favourite thing about the school– getting to be part of such a welcoming and inclusive community of students and staff.

Favourite subject– English

Favourite hobby– running

Fun fact– I reign from the Kingdom of Kerry! ????

Position: SET. 

How Long: First year teaching in Whitegate NS. 

Favourite thing about the school: I love working with all the wonderful pupils in Whitegate NS, they dedicate themselves to learning, it is a pleasure to teach them and also to learn from them.  I enjoy making a positive impact on students’ lives and being surrounded by an environment dedicated to learning. 

Favourite Subject: Gaeilge and PE.

Favourite Hobby: Baking and going to the gym.

Fact about me: I am originally from Limerick and moved to Cork just over a year ago. 

Position: EAL Teacher

Favourite thing about working in the school: I love the lovely atmosphere that surrounds Whitegate NS. I am really enjoying getting to know all the lovely kids and staff here!

Favourite subjects: Maths & PE

Hobbies: Walking, GAA, Dance

Alternative Job: Run my own Swim School

Fun Fact – I taught in Australia for some time.

Position – Special Needs Assistant 

Favourite thing about working in the school– I love working with the children, helping them to reach their full potential. 

Favourite subject – Gaeilge & Maths

Favourite Hobby – Watching all sports, especially Hurling

Alternative Job – I love my job but maybe something in the fashion industry

Fun Fact – I have a Silver All Ireland Team medal for Cross Country Running. 

Position, SNA

Working in whitegate school 17years.
Favourite thing about working in whitegate National School.– getting to see the kids grow up and being part of this lovely community.
Favourite subject – English 
Favourite Hobby – Tennis, Reading.
Alternative Job – Youth and Community worker.
Fun Fact – I love to travel.
Favourite Thing– Terry Chocolate Orange 
Favourite Subject–  History 
Favourite Hobbie– The Gym & Playing Football 
Fun Fact– I wanted to be a famous Singer 

Favourite thing about the school is ‘Everything!’ We have a lovely school filled with beautiful
Favourite hobby: Coffee and a chat
Alternative job: Environmental scientist (I studied microbiology in university but should have
chosen earth science!)
Fun Fact: I am a football coach which my kids think is hilarious!
That’s all folks!

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