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Green-Schools is Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools. Promoting long-term, whole-school action for the environment Green-Schools is a student-led programme with involvement from the wider community. The programme is operated and co-ordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce.

Our committee consists of students from each class group:

Whitegate NS have succeeded in getting flags 1, 2 and 3.

Flag 1 : Litter & Waste 

This is the first theme of the Green-Schools programme. The theme is a great starting point for encouraging a sense of personal pride and responsibility in tackling two visible issues in schools and communities.

Flag 2: Energy 

This is the second theme that schools undertake. This theme looks at the steps which can be taken to reduce energy consumption and raise awareness of climate change issues.

Flag 3: Water 

This is the third theme of the Green-Schools programme. The Water theme looks at developing awareness around water conservation and how to effectively manage this important resource in our schools and at home.

Flag 4: Biodiversity

We are currently in the process of working on flag 4 which focuses on the theme of biodiversity. It looks at the steps which can be taken in schools to increase awareness of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats, and to increase species-richness in a locality.

The Blue Star Programme is an education initiative for primary school pupils across Ireland. It aims to introduce participants (pupils, teachers, parents
and the wider community) to the EU, what it means and how it works. 

The programme also aims to foster a strong sense of awareness of the EU among its participants that reaches far beyond the school walls and out into the wider community.
The children in 5th and 6th class have been engaging with the programme through the medium of Kahoot. They take part in weekly learning based on the the four pillars:


  • Historical
  •  Geographical
  • Cultural and Creative
  • Institutional



Here at Whitegate NS we are striving to continue to be an active school. Active

Schools is a term given to schools in Ireland that provide pupils with sufficient
opportunities to get active to the extent that it makes a positive contribution to their health and learning. The students and staff are responsible for putting in place and driving forward a range of planned activities in school and at home to help encourage children and young people’s participation in physical activity and sport.

The fundamental aim of the Active Schools network is to offer school-aged
children the motivation and opportunities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.
These opportunities are available before, during and after school, as well as in the wider community.

But Active Schools is more than just getting school-aged children to take part in formal sport and exercise. Active Schools also aims to introduce
more physical activity into their daily lives through active travel, play and dance.
We were awarded our first Active Schools Flag in 2019, which was valid for three years. We are currently working towards renewing our flag.

The Amber Flag initiative is an initiative run by Pieta House which recognises the individual efforts of primary and secondary schools, youth reach, third level institutions, community groups, clubs and companies to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental wellbeing. 

In order to promote positive mental health and wellbeing at Whitegate N.S, we
have decided to take part in the Amber Flag initiative. Successful completion of
the Amber Flag initiative involves the whole school community coming together in order to create a safe, positive and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental health and well-being.


Cineáltas: Action Plan on Bullying is dedicated to the prevention and addressing of bullying, cyber bullying, racism, gender identity bullying or sexual harassment,
among other areas, in schools.

Some of the key actions from the plan include:

  • Development of a national database to enable the publication of an annual national report on bullying in schools.
  • Ensuring that student teachers and all school staff have the knowledge and skills to effectively prevent and address bullying.
  • Development of a recognition process, such as a Cineáltas flag, for schools who engage in measures to prevent and address bullying. 
  • Piloting a programme of counselling supports for primary schools.
    Developing guidance for the establishment of a Student Support Team model in larger primary schools.
  • Establishing a dedicated unit in the Department of Education to promote the voice of children and young people and to ensure that they have meaningful input into the development of Department policy.
  • The progression of the Charter Bill and the development of Charter Guidelines that will strengthen the voice and participation of children and young people and their parents in the development and implementation of school policies.

We received our Cinéaltas flag in November 2023, please see our school Instagram,, for the raising of the flag.

The Creative Schools initiative supports schools to put the arts and creativity at the heart of children’s and young people’s lives. This initiative provides
opportunities for children and young people to build their artistic and creative
skills; to communicate, collaborate, stimulate their imaginations, be inventive, and to harness their curiosity.

Creative Schools is led by the Arts Council in partnership with the Department of Education and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

Whitegate NS participated in the Creative Schools initiative during the
2022/2023 academic school year. Over the course of the year the children
participated in many different creative activities such as music workshops, mural design and completion, Christmas and Summer performances and Creative Schools Week. We continue to strive to have creativity at the heart of our school and foster the children’s artistic skills.

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