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About Us

Mission Statement

It is our aim in Whitegate National School to:

  • Create a love of learning and discovery in the children.
  • Help the children to be aware of the needs of others and to teach them to learn how to respect themselves and others and to develop Christian attitudes towards living.
  • Instill self – confidence in the children.
  • Make the children aware of their own talents and to encourage them to use these talents to the best of their abilities.
  • Show the children how to learn effectively.
  • Enable each child to have a good relationship with the staff and other pupils in the school.
  • Create an awareness and interest in the natural and man-made environment in which the children live – the sea, fishing, birds, the lighthouse, the fort, the E.S.B station, the refinery, the former Weather Station, Trabolgan Holiday Village etc.
  • Create a spirit of punctuality in the children.
  • Foster and encourage a love of the Irish language and culture in the children.
  • Encourage initiative among the children.
  • Teach the children the wisdom of thrift by operating a saving’s scheme in the school.
  • That there would be fair play at all times between teachers and pupils irrespective of creed, colour or class.

Our school community 23/24

In school management
Helena O’ Neill – Principal
Laura Hyde – Deputy Principal
Yvonne Dunne – Assistant Principal 2

Class Teachers
Sarah Downes – Junior & Senior Infants
Niamh Ladden – 1st & 2nd Class
Kay Furlong – 3rd & 4th Class
Laura Hyde – 5th & 6th Class

SET Teachers
Helena O’ Neill
Yvonne Dunne
Laura O’ Shea
Leanne Curran

Special Needs Assistants
Michelle Dorney
Ann Lehane
Yvonne Manning
Lorraine Murphy

Mairead Ryan

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